• Ireland’s ‘Forty Shades of Green’

    Ireland’s ‘Forty Shades of Green’

    It took an American—none other than Johnny Cash—to quantify the greenness of Ireland in song, and I can tell you first hand that he had it right. As the plane broke through the floor of clouds on its descent into Shannon Airport, I sat simply awestruck at the sight of lush rolling hills and meadows more

  • At Issue: What About Climate Change?

    At Issue: What About Climate Change?

    How concerned should we be about climate change? Threats such as ISIS, ebola and shaky economies seem much more immediate and tangible than global warming. We asked two of Tech’s top experts in the field to discuss the issue. Uncertainty Doesn’t Mean We Shouldn’t Take Action By Judith Curry At the recent United Nations Climate more

  • Building a Gas Pipeline Halfway Across the World

    Building a Gas Pipeline Halfway Across the World

    At Georgia Tech, Decie Autin studied and trained to be an engineer, not a community relations expert. But when ExxonMobil selected her in 2008 to be the supervising project executive for the construction of a major new liquid natural gas pipeline, Autin knew that to be successful, she’d have to work closely with local families more

  • ‘Getting In’ Harder Than ‘Getting Out’?

    ‘Getting In’ Harder Than ‘Getting Out’?

    With the number and quality of applicants steadily increasing, the competition for freshman admission has never been higher at Georgia Tech. In fact, in sheer statistical terms, it’s harder to “get in” than it is to “get out.” With the 2015 college application season now well underway, the Alumni Magazine asked Rick Clark, director of more

  • Golden Teacher, Golden Anniversary

    Golden Teacher, Golden Anniversary

    When Professor Emeritus of Economics Bill Schaffer, IM 56, lived in Towers dormitory as a student in 1952, the interstate highways had not yet cut their way through Atlanta. The only nearby TVs were at the Varsity.  And the student center was just a patch of kudzu.  A lot has changed since Schaffer first came more