• Making an Impact <br> Where it Matters Most

    Making an Impact
    Where it Matters Most

    When you think about the expectations we have of our research universities, educating our young people comes to mind first. And indeed that is their primary purpose—the transfer of knowledge to a new generation of leaders and doers. But given the increasingly complex roles that universities play today in shaping society, the expectations are actually more

  • Finally a Ride in the Wreck

    Finally a Ride in the Wreck

    By Marilyn Somers and Roger Slavens At 103 years old, Sam Ledbetter, ME 34, ranks as Georgia Tech’s oldest living alumnus. In more than a century on this planet, Ledbetter has seen and done a lot, so his most recent birthday wish may surprise you: to finally get a ride in the Institute’s legendary Ramblin’ more

  • Leading Tech’s Campus on the Coast

    Leading Tech’s Campus on the Coast

    Diane Lee oversees the day-to-day operations of Georgia Tech’s Savannah campus, which was originally launched in 1999 as an engineering hub with multiple degree offerings. The campus underwent a strategic shift in 2011, sunsetting its undergraduate programs and concentrating its efforts instead on providing the coastal region with professional education programs. That shift allowed campus more

  • A Mission on Wheels

    A Mission on Wheels

    Lightboards, a newly launched skateboard company founded by Tech alumnus Ryan Akin, represents an intersection of several of Akin’s primary interests in life: to own and operate his own company; to create functional art with his mind and hands; to empower youth to set big goals and follow them; and to shine the light of more

  • 7 Reasons Why You Should <br> Try a River Cruise

    7 Reasons Why You Should
    Try a River Cruise

    Every day you wake up somewhere new—many times even in a completely different country. You don’t have to pack and unpack your bags. You don’t have to get accustomed to a different bed. You don’t have to brave traffic and motion sickness and insanely narrow roads. You don’t even usually have to go through customs. more