• Seeing Red

    Seeing Red

    It never hurts to throw your hat into the ring. At least, that was Dan Carey’s thinking when he decided to apply to become one of the first humans ever to step foot on Mars—and never again return to Earth. “The possibility of participating in the human exploration of the solar system is something I more

  • Anchoring  With Authenticity

    Anchoring With Authenticity

    Some legendary ESPN SportsCenter anchors such as Stuart Scott and Dan Patrick were known for their distinct styles and witty catchphrases, but it’s fitting that current deskman Chris Cotter doesn’t bother with building up an oversized on-air persona. Instead, he sticks to the shtick that brought him to sports broadcasting’s biggest stage: being himself. “For more

  • Putting the Literary in Sci-Fi Literature

    Putting the Literary in Sci-Fi Literature

    For those with even a passing interest in science-fiction literature, the name Kathleen Ann Goonan should ring a bell. A leading light in literary sci-fi for many years, Goonan has garnered starred reviews for each of her seven novels by such renowned review journals as Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Review and Booklist. In 2007, Goonan received more

  • A Minor for Major Geeks

    A Minor for Major Geeks

    Though the subject may be inherently fictional, Tech professor Lisa Yaszek will tell you that science fiction is not wholly divorced from reality. Thanks to the freedom of imagination, ideas in science fiction often lead to big developments in real-world science and technology. “Sometimes in modern scientific and technological research it’s easy to fall into more

  • Do Not Adjust That Dial

    Do Not Adjust That Dial

    The show begins, as it does every week, with David Bowie. On this Thursday at roughly 6 p.m., Sci Fi Lab co-host Chris Carl ventures into the vaults at WREK—Tech’s student radio station—and pulls the Ziggy Stardust LP from the shelves and shelves of musty records. Bowie in hand, Carl joins his co-host Travis Gasque more